Jenny & The London Marathon

One of my oldest, dearest friends has got herself a place in this year’s London Marathon. I’ve known Jenny and her husband, Gareth, since I was about 16 and my wife and I are Godparents to their younger daughter, Lucy.

As is often the case, Jenny’s trying to raise sponsorship for the Marathon.  In this case it’s in order to raise money for HemiHelp (, a charity set up to help sufferers of hemiplegia, a form of Cerebral Palsy, and their families. I’ll let Jenny give you the pitch:

Last September (long enough ago that April seemed like a distant prospect) I signed myself up to run the London Marathon for HemiHelp.  Now with just over 3 months to go, I am starting to realise exactly what I have volunteered for!  The 26.2 miles from Greenwich to St James Park is not going to be easy but giving up is not an option as I have pledged to raise at least £1500 in sponsorship!

HemiHelp works with children and young people with hemiplegia, their families and carers.  Childhood hemiplegia is caused by damage to the brain which occurs before, during or soon after birth and the effects are similar to that of a stroke.  Hemiplegia affects approximately 1 child in every 1000 with some children having associated conditions such as epilepsy, emotional and learning difficulties.  As many of you know Lucy our 5 year old daughter has a mild right hemiplegia and HemiHelp have provided invaluable information and support to us.

While I realise soon after Christmas is not the ideal time to send out requests for sponsorship, I need to get started towards my fundraising target. No amount is too small (or too large!!!).  Your money will go direct to HemiHelp and will make a real impact on the lives of thousands of children in the UK who are affected by hemiplegia.

If you wish to make a donation the easiest way is via my online fundraising page .  All donations are secure and go straight to the charity and virginmoneygiving will reclaim 28% gift aid allowance from the taxman on all eligible donations.

Alternatively if you prefer please send me a cheque made payable to HemiHelp.  If you would like to send a cheque it would also be great if you could complete a Gift Aid declaration which I can forward onto you.

Thank you for your support of me, Lucy and HemiHelp – I will of course keep you posted as to how I get on!



PS If you can help in any other way I would also be really grateful

1)       Forward this email to anyone you think may want to support me

2)       Have a sponsor form or collection box at your workplace or anywhere else you think it could raise funds

3)       Donate a prize for raffles which I am holding at a couple of fundraising events which I am arranging

Thanks again.

We’re hoping to get down to support Jenny on the day. Interestingly, within a few hundred yards of the start, she’ll run past either their old flat or the one, just round the corner, that my wife and I shared when we were first married. I’d struggle to run that far, but at that point she’ll still have about 26 miles to run. Think I’ll get the Tube if we decide to see her across the line.

I know we’ll speak before then, but good luck Jen.


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