So, just a short day today, so I figured I’d get some other constructive stuff done. My PC had other ideas.

I started last week when it froze a couple of times then took ages to reboot.  Yesterday it took me 4 hours to get it booted (by this time I realised that there may be some kind of problem!).

I decided to run a virus check and, lo and behold, there was a virus.  “Would you like to delete the infected file?” asks my friend AVG.

“Yeah, go on then” I reply.

The last thing I spotted after hitting the button was the fact that the file was certified by Microsoft. Turns out it was a file crucial to the PC booting…

This morning, nothing. Refused to boot at all. After a long day expecting to have to fork out loads of money and still lose all my important files I’ve finally got to the point where I’ve managed to “Repair” Windows.  Not sure what that means as it still won’t boot up, but the little blue bits that run across the bottom of the screen are now green, just like when I first bought it, so perhaps it’s cleaner inside.  I’ll have another go tomorrow.

In better news, I’ve figured out why the Wii didn’t seem to work when connected through the DVD player. One simple setting that I set over Christmas and meant to change back.

Bloody technology.


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