So, the new install of Windows went smoother than I could possibly have imagined…  Still sitting here over a week later wondering what exactly is going to crash unexpectedly!

I may be wrong, but it looks like a virus got in via a security hole that was discovered in Internet Explorer – lots of people reported dead pcs and my friend Ian posted an article about it on the Queen message board: Click here

Since then I’ve been working on both my sites, using WeeMann.co.uk as a testing ground for learning how to code, then putting the best bits onto SiMannDriving.co.uk. As it stands I’ve made SiMannDriving a frames style site, but I don’t like the way it’s working, so that’ll be changed back when I get a mo.  On WeeMann I’ve added a couple of pages: Home, Media (sparse at the mo, but who knows?!) and detail pages on vQp and The Hair Bear Bunch who, incidentally, will be playing in Telford in May.

More updates as they occur.


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