Jenny’s Marathon – Update

Jenny has updated us on her Marathon training (e-mail came out on the 4th):

Hi – hope you all well and 2010 is treating you well.

79 days to go so thought I would send you all an update as to how I am getting on with the marathon training!

I have completed 13 miles which is half way there and this weekend I am aiming for 14 miles which will be the furthest I have ever run – scary!!!!!  I am looking forward to it in a strange kind of way!

I am going to London on Saturday to attend an advice day which is organised by Virgin London Marathon I am also meeting another girl who is also running for HemiHelp so that will be good – I think it nice to chat with someone in the same boat as you!

Thank you to all of you that have sponsored me and/or donated prizes and things to me for my fundraising – it is coming on slowly but surely!  I have a fundraising night organised for next week (those of you that are local should have had an invite??!!  Let me know if you haven’t and would like to know more ….) and the online and offline donations are starting to grow.  If you would like to find out more about the charity that I am running for and/or sponsor me please visit my fundraising page at

Hope you all well and look forward to catching up soon

Thanks again


In actual fact Jenny has now completed 16 miles, so is doing well. On the downside, she was due to go to a party in the evening, so may well have passed out through sheer exhaustion!

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