Alchemy And The New DoddCabs

So, this weekend saw me travel south to meet up with Harj, Ray, Griff and Dodd, the rest of Alchemy (AKA The Hair Bear Bunch).  Since I moved up here and the others have moved apart we’ve decided to get together for occasional one off gigs as an excuse for seeing one another and having a damn good time.  We’re currently preparing for a gig in Telford in the Spring so Saturday saw an all day rehearsal.

Musically all as sounding as good as ever, with us resurrecting an old favourite – Iron Maiden’s Phantom Of The Opera.  It hurts to play, but it sounds fantastic and we all had silly grins on our faces as we blundered our way through it.  We also added a couple more new songs to the set list and, as the day drew to a close, we decided to polish up another favourite – Ace Of  Spades by Motorhead.  As Dodd was setting up a tone for the song I started a slow groove of the bass riff.  Before I knew what was going on the rest of the band had joined in and we now have a totally unique take on the classic, almost a lounge jazz style feel.  Odd, but remarkably cool.

Beyond what we were playing, another aspect affected our sound this weekend.  We all still play through (pretty much) the same gear as we always used and this means a multitude of large, unwieldy, 4×12 speaker cabs.  When playing small pubs this can quickly get problematic as we end up outnumbering the audience.  Dodd came up with an idea a couple of months ago and Saturday saw the first outing of the result of this idea.  I won’t go into detail here, but the upshot is a small, portable, yet powerful speaker cab, The DoddCab:


Harj Kallah demonstrating the prototype DoddCabs

The sound was incredible.  Harj has always had a very powerful tone, but for the first time it sounded very detailed and focussed.  Plus we didn’t break our (now ageing) backs moving them around.

Dodd’s off building me a bass cab now (in oxblood red to complement the blue of Harj’s cabs) and I can’t wait.

News of the Alchemy resurgence will follow on here.

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