It’s Been a While…

…Again! I just don’t get round to blogging, although I’m finding it easier to use Twitter now that I have finally got a Smartphone.

So. Music & bands. Not with Usual Suspects any more. Not entirely sure why, except to say it seems to be bloody Lead Singer Syndrome. Mike and Steve were blamed, but both have been fine with me since (we started on Mike’s songs recently). As someone said, with singers it’s all Doh Ray Me Me ME!

Still, it means I can be more relaxed about my commitments with Alchemy, which involve a Country and Western party in a couple of weeks. Country…? No, too easy! This weekend should be interesting with various songs from outside our comfort zone being rehearsed.

Beyond that, I have plans for a new band, it’s just a case of finding the right people…

More to follow. Soon.



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