Studio Blog 4

13:20. After We Fall basic tracking done, but again sounds ahead of the beat in places. Need to do 3 or 4 overdubs. Getting into the groove nicely though and it’s handy to have Steve producing as he plays bass too and also knows what I’m capable of so won’t let me give up.

Below are a couple of clips recorded as I start to get into the groove. As you can see, the first take was going well until I lost which chord was coming next…


2 Responses to “Studio Blog 4”

  1. Hi – Stumbled upon your site whilst doing a little blog surfing. Always good to meet new musicians. Play keys myself, and have a few bits and pieces at and currently building a new website at

    Anyways, you’re now on my blogroll and I’ll be coming back to read a little history. Laters.

  2. Cheers Mark. I’ll have a look at the site later. My site is at – still very much a work in progress as I learn how to build websites, but should give you an insight into me and my activities.

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