Studio Blog 6

19:00. Got back to the studio to find that Mike had arrived. He likes it all except the flamenco bit as it overlaps a drum fill he wants left quite open. The idea was conceived between Steve and Nev, both agreeing that the bass needed just a couple of extra notes before finishing. Of course, both started on the “We told you it was a bad idea” type talk when Mike came in!

Just finished 2 tracks using my fretless. Surprisingly these have proved the quickest to track so far. I’ve had the fretless almost as long as I’ve been playing (about 22 years) but I don’t play it very often, so I worry about my intonation, but I seemed to be pretty much bang on all the way through these songs. Steve’s got a good ear, so when I was out he was almost ahead of me in realising and re-starting the recorder.

One more to do then we may call it a day then come back to the last couple on Sunday.

Below you can see Steve getting confused by a lack of frets on my bass!


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