Studio Blog 8

12:30 As expected I’m here first.

12:43 Not as bad as expected! He’s awake!!

16:00 Just finished Perfect Moments. Ironic as there were many moments which were far from perfect in the first couple of run throughs! Towards the end of the song Mike had added some guitar parts which, rhythmically, follow the drum parts and which all differ. It took several attempts to get them right but I’m glad we didn’t take the easy route of leaving it straight, it sounds great now.

Six down, two to go.  Below is Mike looking all serious!


3 Responses to “Studio Blog 8”

  1. Weemann, I know you guys are obviously busy right now, but after you finish recording your tunes, I wondered whether you, or Mike, or both of you together might have a listen to some of my tunes. As said, I play keys, and I have loads of bits of tune kicking about. I’m great at starting stuff, hopeless at finishing anything. Could really use some help in progressing some ideas if you guys have 5 minutes spare sometime ??

  2. Can’t speak for Mike, but I’ll gladly listen and see what I can suggest. Drop me an e-mail at and we can chat.

  3. Coolio – I’ve blasted you a mail. No Rush. Just when you get the odd 5 mins here or there….

    Look forward to you thoughts…..

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