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Faces From The Past

Posted in Life on January 30, 2012 by WeeMann

Over the past few years I’ve found Facebook to be a great way of getting back in touch with people I’ve lost touch with.

A couple of years ago I started finding a few old schoolmates. It soon snowballed as they found other friends, etc, and before long we’d organised a get together. A few of them still kept in touch anyway, so often went out together, and with a lot of them still living around the area we grew up in, nights out became quite common. I’ve been on two of these evenings so far and it’s great to find that I still have a lot in common with the people I grew up with, despite a gap of over 20 years.

Hopefully the next one is at Easter…

This weekend I was sitting with my laptop and decided to try searching for a few names from my past when I came up with a hit. Back in the early nineties, my friend Matthew Deal and I went on holiday to New Jersey to stay with the family of a girl he knew from an orchestra swap. He played for the Worthing Youth Orchestra and she for a similar organisation in America and trips were organised annually to play in each other’s countries. Matt and Roberta became firm friends and I met her and her sister, Jane, when they visited the UK in 1990 as we were preparing to perform in a production of West Side Story at the Edinburgh Festival.

Anyway, long story short, I found Jane on Facebook this weekend and got in contact. I messaged Matt to let him know and Friday evening was spent chatting with the pair of them for a few hours. Jane, a few hours behind us, got little work done that afternoon…

After gaining Roberta’s e-mail address, I contacted her and have just had a reply back.

It’s wonderful that today’s technology can allow us to re-kindle old friendships, once thought long dead, with such ease.

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