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End of the Tax Year

Posted in Driving Instruction on March 18, 2010 by WeeMann

Bloody accounts. I always say I’ll try to get them finished ASAP and off to my accountant and normally it’s July or August before he sees them. This last week I’ve actually been working on them and they’re pretty much up to date.

Then all I’ve got to do is worry about paying the damned bill…

Ah well, it’ll soon be next year!

Weather & Work

Posted in Driving Instruction on January 13, 2010 by WeeMann

I’ve been fairly lucky with the weather so far, the snow hasn’t been bad enough to cancel any lessons (apart from the one student who got snowed in).  That’s changed today as it’s not stopped snowing all day and I had to cancel my first lesson on weather grounds.  Actually, that’s not strictly true as I’ve got a student who has a test booked for tomorrow and there’s no way that’s going ahead, so we cancelled a lesson we had booked for this morning.

What a start to a new year and only my second month as an independent Driving Instructor.  Still, managed to get loads of work done on my websites (blogs now set up on both), so the time wasn’t wasted.  Just a shame I’m not getting paid for my time!

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