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Web Updates

Posted in Bands, General, Updates with tags , , , , , on February 7, 2012 by WeeMann

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start to teach myself CSS coding so that I can improve my websites. As you may know, I use as a base for trying things out before I transfer them onto, so I started by setting up a template for and a CSS stylesheet.

Before long I found myself absorbed, realising that I had spent hours in front of the computer. The result is what you now see. Subtle changes in style, but now I can redesign that style with far greater ease if I decide to.

I used the opportunity to add detail to some of the band pages. If you check out you’ll see a list of bands I’ve played with over the years. I’ve started adding main pages to offer my views and memories of the history of those bands (which I can update later as more occurs to me), so you can read a little about ARDIA, Dirty Shoes, Bad Girl City, vQp and The Hair Bear Bunch. I’ve also added pages for my three current bands – Rock Fever, Fat Fighters and Lost The Plot which will be updated as more info is available.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to upload a snapshot of the vQp website. It’s not quite as the site was when we finally closed it, but it will give you a feel for what we were doing. At the moment, a couple of the song files aren’t playing properly, but I’ll try to get those sorted out soon.

Further on, I’ve also added a gig calendar as an easy way to see when and where I’ll be playing. I have noticed problems viewing this in Internet Explorer, but it seems fine in other browsers (and was working OK last night in IE, so fingers crossed…).

So, I know a little more about web building, but I’m still learning and hope to start working on more ambitious projects in time.

Long Time, No Blog. Some Updates.

Posted in Bands, Gigs, Pop Culture, Special Events, Updates on June 9, 2010 by WeeMann

Well, a few things have been happening in WeeWorld and I just haven’t had a chance to blog, suddenly 6 weeks have passed! So here’s a quick roundup.

Jenny completed the London Marathon in 5 hours and 14 minutes – a great achievement and one which also helped to raise over £2300 for HemiHelp.  Well done Jenny!  Last week we went on holiday to St Ives in Cornwall with Jenny and her family. Very relaxing and very welcome!

The Alchemy gig in Telford went well.  The pub was full, although there were a few faces who couldn’t make it.  Our only problem was that even though we’ve reduced the amount of gear we lug around, we still took up a large portion of the pub!  It got very hot and my fingers all but melted.  It was also the first public outing of the DoddCabs, with both Dodd and Harj using them.  They sounded great, although someone did comment that Harj’s sound was a little harsh.  We think that was due to a setting on the back of his amp, but other than this we were very happy with the outcome.  Watch this space for news of further Alchemy gigs.

Alchemy at The Duke

Talking of gigs, I’ve been playing regularly with Usual Suspects.  I’m a lot happier with the material now and feel that I’m ‘part of the band’ now rather than just the new boy.  Mike (guitar) has written a few few songs which he is demoing.  Our friend, Kev Bartlett, has recorded some drums and Mike’s asked me to do the bass.  I’m currently getting the songs in my head, getting ideas of what I want to play.  Once I’ve got an idea I can do some rough takes for Mike to OK, then I’ll heading down to The Smash Room to record them for him.  So far, one that’s grabbed my attention is a track called Queen Of Pain.  Think I can do plenty with that one.

This week further news came out about Iron Maiden’s new album.  Called The Final Frontier, it will be released on 16 August (just in time for my birthday!) and the first single was released this week as a free download.  El Dorado is up on YouTube:

It’s available from

To me it sounds like it has the heaviness of their earlier material mixed with Bruce’s solo material, along with the slickness of more recent outings.  I like it and can’t wait for the album.

Jenny’s Marathon Run – Tomorrow

Posted in Special Events, Updates on April 24, 2010 by WeeMann

Tomorrow sees the London Marathon starring Jenny.  It’s not too late to show your support by sponsoring her at in aid of HemiHelp.

Good luck Jen, we’re all very proud of you.

Jenny & Lucy

Jenny & Lucy

Jenny’s Marathon – Update

Posted in Special Events, Updates on February 14, 2010 by WeeMann

Jenny has updated us on her Marathon training (e-mail came out on the 4th):

Hi – hope you all well and 2010 is treating you well.

79 days to go so thought I would send you all an update as to how I am getting on with the marathon training!

I have completed 13 miles which is half way there and this weekend I am aiming for 14 miles which will be the furthest I have ever run – scary!!!!!  I am looking forward to it in a strange kind of way!

I am going to London on Saturday to attend an advice day which is organised by Virgin London Marathon I am also meeting another girl who is also running for HemiHelp so that will be good – I think it nice to chat with someone in the same boat as you!

Thank you to all of you that have sponsored me and/or donated prizes and things to me for my fundraising – it is coming on slowly but surely!  I have a fundraising night organised for next week (those of you that are local should have had an invite??!!  Let me know if you haven’t and would like to know more ….) and the online and offline donations are starting to grow.  If you would like to find out more about the charity that I am running for and/or sponsor me please visit my fundraising page at

Hope you all well and look forward to catching up soon

Thanks again


In actual fact Jenny has now completed 16 miles, so is doing well. On the downside, she was due to go to a party in the evening, so may well have passed out through sheer exhaustion!


Posted in Updates on January 27, 2010 by WeeMann

So, the new install of Windows went smoother than I could possibly have imagined…  Still sitting here over a week later wondering what exactly is going to crash unexpectedly!

I may be wrong, but it looks like a virus got in via a security hole that was discovered in Internet Explorer – lots of people reported dead pcs and my friend Ian posted an article about it on the Queen message board: Click here

Since then I’ve been working on both my sites, using as a testing ground for learning how to code, then putting the best bits onto As it stands I’ve made SiMannDriving a frames style site, but I don’t like the way it’s working, so that’ll be changed back when I get a mo.  On WeeMann I’ve added a couple of pages: Home, Media (sparse at the mo, but who knows?!) and detail pages on vQp and The Hair Bear Bunch who, incidentally, will be playing in Telford in May.

More updates as they occur.

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