Web Updates

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start to teach myself CSS coding so that I can improve my websites. As you may know, I use WeeMann.co.uk as a base for trying things out before I transfer them onto SiMannDriving.co.uk, so I started by setting up a template for WeeMann.co.uk and a CSS stylesheet.

Before long I found myself absorbed, realising that I had spent hours in front of the computer. The result is what you now see. Subtle changes in style, but now I can redesign that style with far greater ease if I decide to.

I used the opportunity to add detail to some of the band pages. If you check out WeeMann.co.uk/bands you’ll see a list of bands I’ve played with over the years. I’ve started adding main pages to offer my views and memories of the history of those bands (which I can update later as more occurs to me), so you can read a little about ARDIA, Dirty Shoes, Bad Girl City, vQp and The Hair Bear Bunch. I’ve also added pages for my three current bands – Rock Fever, Fat Fighters and Lost The Plot which will be updated as more info is available.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to upload a snapshot of the vQp website. It’s not quite as the site was when we finally closed it, but it will give you a feel for what we were doing. At the moment, a couple of the song files aren’t playing properly, but I’ll try to get those sorted out soon.

Further on, I’ve also added a gig calendar as an easy way to see when and where I’ll be playing. I have noticed problems viewing this in Internet Explorer, but it seems fine in other browsers (and was working OK last night in IE, so fingers crossed…).

So, I know a little more about web building, but I’m still learning and hope to start working on more ambitious projects in time.

One Response to “Web Updates”

  1. HAHA – the coding does get you huh ?? – Over the last six months I’ve been developing my Dads 60s band website http://www.carnaby-street.co.uk in PHP to make it dynamic with things like automatic gig list, embedded google maps, as you have with css, it makes updates across the site that much more simple, but up to last year I hadn’t done PHP coding for about 8 years, and I wasn’t wonderful at it then……..

    Just been asked to do another site for my in-laws business. Great to see your back in the land of the band. Don’t think that’s ever going to happen for me again now, the missus HATES anything that takes me away from doing something useful. I am in the recording studio ( still ) doing three tracks ( yes – the same ones as last year ) – that’s really slow going, but I have to fit it in when I can, which is sometime only 2 hours a month……we’ll get there. BTW – I’ve started another blog for my studio stuff http://maxxthemusician.wordpress.com

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